Gourmet Chocolates

Kohler Chocolates

For chocolate lovers... 

Share the love of gourmet chocolates with friends and family with high quality chocolatiers such as Lake Champlain, Kohler and Hammond chocolates. 

Lake Champlain Chocolate Company: Made in Vermont, Lake Champlain Chocolates are still handcrafted in small batches and loaded with delicious ingredients! Started over 34 years ago, it is 2nd generation owned and continues to embrace chocolates that are made from only the purest ingredients, locally sourced and organic and fair trade certified. Try their best-selling 5 STAR mini bars for a moment of pure bliss!

Kohler Chocolates: Chef-inspired chocolates are created by one of the Top 10 Chocolatiers in North America, Kohler chocolates are handmade from the highest quality ingredients which result in a taste of elegance in every bite...the definitive chocolate experience of Kohler Original Recipe Chocolates.

Hammond Chocolate bars: Mmmmm...Hammond chocolate bars has been an American classic since 1920. How do you choose from all of these flavors and more?... Red Velvet Cake, Double Truffle, Candy Cane Crunch, Malted Milkshake, More S'mores, PB&J Sandwich and everyone's favorite, Peanut Butter Cup.....These generously sized bars make  great stocking stuffers for the chocolate lover on your shopping list.