Rosy Rings

Rosy RIngs

Light up your holidays & enjoy timeless fragrances!

Rosy Rings' candles and diffusers have always been a way to bring elements of the outdoors into the home... a small reminder of the beauty the natural world offers us. The candles are made with essential & high quality fragrance oils, hand-poured with our natural wax blend and finished with a cotton wick. Each candle and diffuser is packaged in a pretty box that features artwork by William Stockman.


Spicy Apple: Crisp Macintosh apple mingles with a spicy blend of cardamom seed, ground nutmeg, fresh cinnamon and clove bud. Sweet tonka bean, vanilla extract and forest balsam softly chime in.

Anjou Pear: Sweetly decadent: the irresistible fragrance of a French fruit tart just out of the oven. D’anjou pears, apples and golden plums are roasted until the fruit becomes soft and golden brown. The baked fruits melt into a warm base of vanilla and tonka bean, all sprinkled with a dusting of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Pumpkin Spice: A modern farm to table fragrance which combines fresh pumpkin with lush plums and sun baked squash. The fruity notes are deliciously layered with brown sugar and cozy kitchen spices. The result is a fragrance which celebrates the simplicity of farmhouse life.


*Natural products: beeswax and soy wax. The glassware contains 40% recycled glass.