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Rosy Rings

Tapestry in Bloom candles

Candle making has always been a way to bring elements of the outdoors into the home... a small reminder of the beauty the natural world offers us.


Chinese Ginger & Mandarin Tapestry in Bloom Candle: A mystical fabric created by drying precious jasmine blooms, patchouli leaves and peppercorns under the arid sky.

Jaipur Cactus Tapestry in Bloom Candle: Brilliant threads of matcha tea embroidered onto a cloth of ochre desert amber and gorgeously festooned with romantic tassels of African rose.

Dauvage Figuier Tapestry in Bloom Candle: The wild beauty of lush fig interwoven with vivid ribbons of bergamot and tomato leaf and gracefully finished with violet gossamer.


*Natural products are used such as beeswax and soy wax. The glassware contains 40% recycled glass.