Indoor Blooming Plants

Having houseplants is a wonderful way to extend the garden into the home. There are plants for every environment whether there is sun, part sun or hardly any... place smaller plants on tables, windowsills or featured them as living sculpture. Blooming plants add color to your home décor, which is especially welcome during the winter months.


African Violet - Indoor Blooming Plants

African Violet
The African violet is a lovely, flowering houseplant with richly-colored blooms and dark, fuzzy leaves. They prefer medium to high, indirect light and grow best in African violet-specific potting soil and fertilizer.


Cyclamen - Indoor Blooming Plants

Cyclamen is a colorful houseplant with blooms in red, pink, white or magenta. They prefer bright, indirect light and prefer a cool temperature. During bloom, it’s important to keep the root ball dampened.


Hydrangea - Indoor Blooming Plants

Hydrangea's beautiful blooms will last at least a month. They prefer medium to bright light. When watering, keep the soil wet to touch.