Spring Pansies Are Here!

Spring Pansies

Pansy Growing Tips

Without question, pansies are some of the most popular spring annuals in the Midwest. Their delicate and friendly ‘faces’ are a welcome respite after months of winter. Simple, straightforward and easy to grow, these perky flowers stand up to late spring frosts, even ice, and keep on blooming.


Growing Tips

  • As pansies are cool season plants, plant in full sun in cooler gardens and part-shade in warmer ones. They can be safely planted as soon as heavy frosts are over.


When choosing pansies, look for stockier plants with dark green leaves as they make healthier plants.

  • Choose plants with many buds but few flowers in bloom.

  • Prepare soil with manure, leaf mold or compost with soil for optimum growing and drainage. Pansies do best in fertile, organic rich and cool soil.

  • Add mulch to preserve moisture and water deeply. The mulch also keeps the soil temperature cooler.

  • Add fertilizer, (granular or time release) when preparing soil before planting to keep pansies healthy and promote maximum growth. Or, use a water-based fertilizer according to package directions.

  • Deadheading spent blooms is one of the keys to a long-blooming season. This won’t allow the plant to set seeds so more energy is directed to the existing flowers.

  • Since the blossoms are edible, add them to flavor and color salads or desserts with their beautiful petals.