Melinda's Gardening How-To: Growing Pansies

Add a few cheerful pansies to your garden and containers this spring. Their colorful flowers are sure to generate smiles as they brighten your garden. And best of all, they are easy to grow and combine nicely with your other landscape plants and spring flowers.

On Their Own
*Greet your visitors with a cheery pot or two of pansies on the front steps. 
*Add some eye level beauty with hanging baskets of pansies. 
*Fill window boxes with a kaleidoscope of colorful pansy flowers.
*Improve your view with hanging baskets, planters or pots placed outside your kitchen, workroom, office or living room windows. They’re sure to brighten your day.
*Increase the beauty by planting pansies in decorative containers, tins or unique recycled items converted into planters.

Container Combinations
*Combine pansies with other spring flowers and vegetables
   -Swiss chard, greens and lettuce make nice edible partners
   -Stocks, nemesia, snapdragons, alyssum and dianthus are a few cool season flowers you can include
*Use small-scale garden art and decorative twigs for added interest or as a vertical accent. This is especially helpful when small plants are just starting to grow
*Plant them yourself or purchase ready-to-grow pots and baskets.

Quick Results or Emerging Beauty for Container Gardens
*Close spacing (as little as 3 inches”) = immediate beauty. This is perfect for spring containers that start to fade as the temperatures rise.
*Or give ‘em a bit more room to grow. Enjoy the transformation and showcase each plant by giving them a bit more room and time to grow and fill the container.

In the Garden
*Plant between bulbs for added color before, during and after the bulbs bloom
*Mix among perennials for early season color. As temperatures rise and perennials mature they will mask the declining pansy plants.
*Dress up shrub beds with an annual groundcover of pansies.

Keep ‘em Happy
*Pansies grow and flower best in cool temperatures
*Grow pansies in full sun or partial shade
*Keep the soil evenly moist
*Extend your enjoyment as temperatures rise
*Move containers into a bit more shade
*Prune back leggy plants and remove faded flowers


Melinda Myers is a nationally recognized gardening expert with more than 30 years of horticulture experience. She is a wealth of knowledge and we are pleased to share Melinda's Gardening How-To with you!