Potting up Pansies

Pansy Containers

Welcome Spring with pretty pansies!
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Plant Combinations, Care & Container Tips

Pansies are finally here! Their cheerful faces and bright colors have become a Midwest necessity after our long winters. These little plants are tough and can even withstand temperatures below freezing or a dusting of snow... perfect transitional plants. They are beautiful as a single variety in a container or blend them them with other cool season annuals such as snapdragons, stock, alyssum, nemesia, ranunculus or blooming bulb flowers such as tulips, hyacinth or daffodils.


Tips for Growing Pansies: They grow best in a location with morning sun, rich, organic soil and good drainage. Cool weather is perfect for peak blooms and they will bloom anytime that the temperature is above freezing. Deadhead old flowers to increase the number of new blooms. The flowers tend to fade and disappear with the hot summer weather and the plant gets ‘leggy.’ Either dig up and place pansy plants in an out-of-the-way place where they can wait for cooler fall weather or place the tired plants on the compost pile.


'Spring Fling' Container Combinations: Since pansies and violas are the symbols of this new season, make sure to include plenty of these plants in your spring plantings.

1. Green, White & Pink: Green and white is always a classic and refreshing color combination but the added 'pop' of pink color adds personality! Begin a spring container design with a vertical element, such as pussy willow branches. Surround the branches with a selection of white pansies. Choose from large-faced, white Pansies (or white pansies with dark purple centers) (Viola x wittrockiana); white, petite Johnny-jump-ups (Viola); elegant, soft pink ranunculus (Ranunculus asiaticus); and scented ‘Safari White’ Nemesia as a fluffy filler. If available, add trailing strawberry plants with their serrated green leaves, pink flowers and later, tasty red berries. All of these spring plants will mix together and thrive in partial to full, spring sun.

2. Pansies and Crunchy Mixed Greens: Bright green lettuce leaves always seem to combine well with brightly, colored pansy flowers. Since both plants appreciate cooler weather, they naturally make good companions. Spice it up with a mix of red and green leaf lettuces or the textured foliage of arugula, radicchio or parsley. A shallow, terra cotta bowl is a perfect complement to bold leaf shapes and smiling pansy blossoms …a perfect combination for a sunny spot. The flowers and greens are both edible, if grown organically.

3. Complementary Colors: Opposites attract! Lavender or purple pansies sing when paired with pale yellow or bright yellow. Add height to your arrangement with the multi-papery petals of Ranunculus in violet or yellow. Tuck in fragrant Sweet Alyssum in varying shades of purple. You’ve created a living Easter basket!


Container Tips:

Anchor it: Put a brick or gravel in the bottom of your container, if it is too lightweight for the windy or stormy, spring weather.

Save your back and repurpose: When you use big containers, it helps to place a smaller pot or a plastic bag filled with shipping peanuts into the center of the planting container. You won’t have to use as much potting soil—saving on weight and expense.

Or, invest in lightweight, LavaStone containers: Now’s the time to purchase those beautiful and faux, cast-stone containers. If you purchase them in spring, you’ll have three seasons to plant creative arrangements.