Bulbs, Bulbs, Bulbs

 Plan now and plant before the ground freezes.

Whether you want your spring garden to awaken with a glorious palette of colors or remain a peaceful retreat with all-white flowers, bulbs can make it happen-if you plan now and plant before the ground freezes. So, come see us with your list of favorite bulbs or questions and give in to the crisp, blue-sky days and cool nights of autumn.

Great value bulb packages: You just can't plant too many bulbs! We make it easy with a good selection of pre-packaged bulbs, as well as, single bulb choices.  Starting September 4th, our bulb value packs will be $9.99, reg. $12.99.

Allium 'Gladiator': You'll be happy next spring if you find a spot to plant a bakers dozen or more of these monster-sized bulbs. The 'Gladiator' floats lavender flower globes on the tops of three- to four-foot stems. These playful spheres make me smile with their sculptural display in early summer. Bearded or Siberian Iris make great companions. Since the bulbs smell like their relative, the onion, deer and rodents don't like them.

Narcissus 'Dutch Masters': These classic, yellow trumpets spread plenty of cheer in the early spring garden-especially when you really need it. The yellow trumpet and petals dance on top of strong, 18-20-inch stems. These 'Dutch Masters' bloom at the same time as Forsythia shrubs, if you just can't get enough of bright yellow. The bulbs naturalize or multiply, so you will get more blooms every year. Other Narcissus packages include heavy-blooming 'Ice Follies,' tiny 'Tete-a-Tete,' and pink-trumpeted Daffodils. Wildlife won't touch them as they are poisonous to critters.

Scilla siberica 'Spring Beauty': Siberian Squill will make a living carpet of the bluest blue in the front of your garden or in the lawn. They are low-growing and will naturalize readily and bloom in early spring. They thrive in sun or light shade-perfect under trees that have not leafed out completely. Deer resistant.

Tulips 'Endless Spring Pink': Deer and bunnies love them, but so do we! Plant plenty bulbs and save new leaf growth and buds with a spray, powder or granular deer/rabbit repellent. If you love pastels, this collection of pink and white tulips is for you. One package contains many varieties of tulips in different shades of pink, as well as, bloom time-from early to late spring. This is an easy way to keep your garden colorful all spring.

How can I plant bulbs? Let me count the ways.
Bulb planters come in many shapes and sizes. Choose the right one for the right situation. 1. The Dibbler works for smaller bulbs when you don't have to dig them in as deeply. 2. Larger cone-shaped bulb planters work best in a stone-free soil. 3. Taller, funnel-shaped planters allow the gardener to stand up when digging the holes. 4. Portable drills with planting drill bits are perfect for setting bulbs into lawns.