'Living Coral'

Introducing… ‘Living Coral’, the Pantone Color for 2019!

It is described as "an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens." The new color trends are always important to interior designers, product designers and the marketing industry, but gardeners might also like to ride the trend by including this seductive color in their gardens or outdoor containers this spring, summer and  fall.



Columbine ‘Little Lanterns’ (Aquilegia ‘Little Lanterns’): Although the dainty, spurred flowers are red and yellow, the combination appears as coral. These late spring-blooming perennials are happy in a sun-dappled, woodland setting. The native, nectar-filled flowers are magnets for hummingbirds. Part shade is best. Matures from 9”-12” tall and wide.



New Guinea Impatiens (Impatiens hawkeri): Large, open-faced blossoms are available in many shades from scarlet to deep red to violet and hot pink… including light and dark coral colors. This tropical annual blooms from spring to fall or when frost ends the show. Perfect choice for garden beds, borders or hanging baskets. Plant in part sun to shade for best results.

Asiatic lily ‘Lollipop’ (Lilium ‘Lollipop’): The ‘Lollipop’ lily displays blooms with two tones. Strawberry-coral on petal tips and white interiors bring a coral color into the garden in a more subtle way in mid-summer. Dig in a few bulbs or purchase full grown, flowering lilies to plant in your garden. Lilies are so dependable and one of the easiest plants to grow and maintain.

Bearded Iris ‘Beverly Sills’ (Iris germanica ‘Beverly Sills’): This sought-after diva is known for her fragrant, flamingo-pink petals. This iris produces lots of buds which equal lots of flowers in June. Sturdy and drought-hardy iris are perfect for beds, borders or cutting gardens. Full sun is best. Matures from 24”- 30” tall x 15”-18” wide. (pictured)

Coneflower 'Sombrero Adobe Orange': (Echinacea purpurea ‘Balsomador’ ) Brilliant, hot coral petals will electrify a summer garden! Coneflowers are also wonderful as cut flowers. These 'easy to maintain' perennials are drought hardy and flower abundantly over a long, summer season. Sounds perfect in any color!

Coral KnockOut® Rose: The Knock Out® series welcomes a new color into the fold of low maintenance roses. This perennial rose has a warm coral tone that will light up your garden-- even on a gray day. It’s a compact shrub rose that produces abundant clusters of bright coral, double flowers… up to 2.5” across, from spring through autumn.

Annual Geranium ‘Dark Salmon’ (Pelargonium ‘Dark Salmon’): This color is a vibrant, orange coral that really packs a punch from spring through fall.  The sturdy annual is drought-hardy and won’t show wilting for gardeners who forget to water their plants. Thrives in full sun. 12-14” tall x 12” wide.

SunPatiens: Hot Coral and Coral Pink SunPatiens show off their colors like no others… and tolerate sun or shade. These low maintenance annuals resemble New Guinea impatiens and flower abundantly in hanging baskets… growing in tidy mounds with no deadheading needed. Or, plant in garden beds for an added swath of coral.



'Creamsicle' Pumpkin: Even if you don’t get the chance to grow your own coral pumpkins this spring, Pasquesi always offers the most fantastic and uniquely colored pumpkins for fall decorating. The closest pumpkin color to ‘Living Coral’ is one known as ‘Winter Luxury Pie Pumpkin.’ Its deep-orange skin is veined with a silvery netting. This combination gives it a pastel, coral color … just like the classic, orange-flavored, ice cream bar.