Wild Bird Feeding

Feeding Wild Birds

How to bring more birds to your backyard feeders...

Prepare by finding a suitable place for bird feeders. It should be placed in a bird-friendly environment.

Select a feeder for the size or type of bird you would like to attract. Use tube-type feeders with ‘pegs’
for perches for finch, chickadee, etc. Use feeders with larger perches for cardinal, blue jay, etc.

Use the proper seed/mix for the feeder and the type of bird you want to attract: Nyjer thistle or
Wild Finch Plus for gold or house (purple) finches. Use sunflower, premium, or ‘no waste’ mixes
for most other birds. Use cardinal mixes, woodpecker & chickadee mixes for specific birds. And remember,
‘economy’ mixes with milo (the big, red grain) create a big mess that birds won’t eat.

- Squirrels, raccoons and predator birds can take the enjoyment out of bird feeding.
- Squirrel-resistant bird feeders can keep these guys out, while continuing to feed many colorful birds.
- Baffles can keep raccoons out of the seed and suet feeders. Proper feeder placement will also
  discourage predators. But remember, those hungry hawks just want to eat, too!


PASQUESI 4 SEASONS No Waste Wild Bird Food: Attracts colorful birds and reduces waste by using sunflower meats. (No hulls) Ingredients: Sunflower meats, White millet, Red millet, Peanut pieces & clean, cracked corn.

DELCO PREMIUM: Attracts all types of colorful birds by using only top quality ingredients. The very low
waste formula contains a large variety of nutritious seeds. Ingredients: Black sunflower, Striped sunflower,
Safflower, White millet, Sunflower meats, Cracked corn, Red millet, Peanut pieces, Nyjer & grit.

CHICKADEE: Similar to Delco Premium but with more safflower & peanuts. No corn!

DELCO WILD BIRD: Attracts colorful birds at a moderate price.

CARDINAL FOOD: Attracts cardinal, blue jay, nuthatch and many other colorful, backyard birds.
Ingredients: Black Sunflower, Safflower, Peanut pieces & Striped sunflower.

WILD FINCH PLUS: Attracts goldfinch and other small birds.
Ingredients: Nyjer seed, Fine sunflower meats, Hulled sunflower, Red millet, Canary seed & Canary grit.

WOODPECKER: A true nut, berry and sunflower blend.

PATIO & DECK: No shells, no waste, no growth. Made with whole sunflower meats, nuts & cranberries.


Black Oil Sunflower: The best ‘single seed’ for bird feeding. Attracts the widest variety of birds.

Striped Sunflower: Preferred by blue jays.

Sunflower Meats: A 'no mess’ seed. Sunflowers are 35% hulls. Birds don’t eat hulls. The ‘BEST’ seed for attracting birds (used in Pasquesi 4 Season No Waste). No plant growth and great for cleaner patio or decks.

Safflower: Well-liked by cardinal, chickadee, nuthatch. The LEAST FAVORITE FOOD of squirrels and grackles!

White Millet: Very popular with most smaller birds. NOT A FILLER. Many people confuse this seed with milo.

Cracked Corn: Attracts blue jays & cardinals. Corn is very high in energy. Many other birds eat cracked corn. The main negative is that grackles (blackbirds) like cracked corn, too.

Peanut Pieces: Maybe the BEST attractant for all colorful birds. Peanuts help to bring birds to your feeder.

Milo: Confused with red millet. Milo is a large, red grain similar in nutrition to corn. However, it is bred to be distasteful to birds. Many 'box store' brands contain up to 70% to keep prices down. Milo is wasted on the ground.

But, most of all, have fun feeding the birds. A backyard isn't really alive until you hear the symphony of tweets, a flash of color and the buzz of a hummingbird's wings. Happy birding!