Christmas Trees Are Here!

Christmas Trees horiz

Fraser Fir trees in many sizes...

The Fraser Fir is a classic Christmas tree with good form and needle retention. It is dark, blue-green in color with a fresh, holiday scent. Strong branches turn slightly upward which gives the tree a tidy, compact appearance and make it easy to decorate.

Our outdoor greenhouse sparkles with holiday lights and offers customers a pleasant shopping experience—without the blowing wind and snow. The trees are suspended from above—allowing a 360 degree inspection. Pasquesi Home and Gardens is a one-stop shopping experience with fresh trees, wreaths, fragrant greens & garland, Spruce Tip Pots, bows and a store filled with many gift options.  


Pasquesi’s makes sure its customers go home with a quality tree that will be perfect for their space.

1. Your tree is given a fresh cut so that the tree will be able to absorb as much water as possible. Make sure to put the tree in water within an hour for best results.

2. The tree is netted to keep the branches intact which makes it easier to transport and move it into your home.

3. We tie your tree to the roof of your car to make sure you’ll have a safe trip home.

The Christmas tree has been an important part of our American Christmas celebrations since the early 1900s. Even earlier, the Romans used an evergreen to decorate their homes in late December. Especially in our times, there is still something special about bringing the natural beauty and woodsy, fragrance of a live tree inside our homes.

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