Spruce Tip Pots

new Spruce Tip Pots

A Pasquesi Classic!

The Pasquesi Spruce Tip Pot depicts all that is naturally beautiful in this holiday season. One-, two- and three-gallon pots are handcrafted daily with an abundant mix of evergreens, pine cones, winterberries and other botanical accents. The Spruce Tips are harvested in the North woods and later become the focal point for our containers--giving height and structure to these arrangements. We make it easy to pop a Spruce Tip Pot into your own outdoor containers and... quickly create a little holiday magic!

TIP: If Spruce Tip Pots are kept outside in cold conditions, they will keep their beauty for many months. If you water the container until temperatures go below 32 degrees, the evergreens will remain in place and look fresh for the entire winter season.

Also... Look for fresh greens, berries, pinecones and other natural accents to design your own outdoor containers. Tips from garden expert, Melinda Myers at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRpP7WmjoX0&feature=youtu.be