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Loog guitars

Think of us as your local toy store!

SmartGames are an assortment of educational puzzle and brain games. Perfect for every age from 3-99!
SmartGames IQ Puzzler Pro: This compact game board has a transparent lid and 12 colorful puzzle pieces. It's a game that stimulates cognitive skills such as concentration, logic, planning and problem solving... and its fun, too! Comes with clear and easy to understand game rules.


Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty: Have some fun with this stretchy, bendy, breakable & malleable putty. Crazy Aaron's Putty has lots of options in metallic, glow-in-the-dark, magnetic, neon and putty colors that change with heat. They make incredible stocking stuffers... Welcome to Puttyworld!


Color your World with a Rainbow of Artist Supplies: Brush Pens, Colored Pencil sets, Switcheroo Markers, Goof Proof Erasable Markers, Lollypop Scented Pens, Stickers and much more. Don't forget the sketch pads, coloring books, Mystery Mosaics and bound Journals!


The LOOG Guitar (pictured) is a children's learning guitar with only three strings. LOOG is a line of award-winning guitars (LOOG Mini, Pro Acoustic and Pro Electric) designed to make it fun and easy to play music. Each guitar comes with an app and flashcards that get kids playing songs in one day!


Mad Mattr: This 'smart doh' lets you shape it, cut it and squish it into 3-D shapes. This moldable, malleable substance is part sand, part clay and 100% awesome. Create something!


American Ninja Warrior: Train like an American Ninja Warrior in your own backyard with NinjaLine, Climbing Rope, Timer and Buzzer and many more.


We also have a fantastic selection of high quality books for all ages.