Keep Evergreens Fresh with Wilt Pruf

Keep Evergreens Fresh with Wilt Pruf

Keep evergreens looking fresh this holiday season.

Nature always offers an elegant way to welcome guests during the holidays, as well as adding color and cheer to our winter landscape. Fragrant, fresh cut evergreens are an excellent, starting point when creating the most beautiful winter containers. When designing your winter container, begin with a festive base of foliage. Choose from your favorite green tones and textures, such as:  Noble Fir, White Pine, silver-blue, Carolina Sapphire Cypress, Fraser Fir, glossy Boxwood, Incense Cedar, Seeded Eucalyptus and many others. To keep evergreens looking their freshest throughout the holiday season, try using ‘Wilt-Pruf’ as an important element in your design. Wilt-Pruf is a natural, pine oil emulsion that is organic, non-hazardous and biodegradable. Simply, spray it on to form a transparent and flexible, protective coating that will keep plant foliage and stems from drying out through extended periods of bitter cold, dryness or harsh winds. If you apply it to your fresh, evergreen wreaths, garland, container greens and Christmas trees, it helps to prevent needle drop outdoors or in your home environment.

Simply, follow the directions on the Wilt-Pruf label for the easiest application on wreaths, garland and Christmas trees. TIP: Spray the cut evergreens outdoors when temperatures are above freezing. The greens need to be sprayed in daylight in order to activate the polymer. Spray until liquid runs off and then allow foliage to dry completely before bringing indoors. Try to avoid spraying it on adjacent surfaces.

Wilt-Pruf can also provide protection for your outdoor shrubs such as boxwood, rhododendron, azalea, holly and mountain laurel. Apply Wilt-Pruf in late fall, after a few late freezing cycles. This allows the plants to ‘harden off’ on their own. One application can last three to four months or longer, depending on the severity of our winter.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season!