What Fertilizer Should I Use In My Garden?

What Fertilizer Should I Use In My Garden?

Ever wonder what fertilizer to use? Find a list of all our fertilizers and what is best to use in your garden.


What is a good fertilizer for my lawn?

Crabgrass Preventer: Apply in spring to eliminate crabgrass. (Don’t reseed for 16 weeks.)

Ironite: A mineral supplement (soluble iron) for a quick, long-lasting green lawn, shrubs and trees.
Jonathan Green Weed and Feed Lawn Fertilizer: Apply anytime during the growing season for control of dandelions and over 250 different weeds for a green, healthy lawn. (Don’t reseed lawn for 3-4 weeks.)


Jonathan Green Organic Lawn Fertilizer: Rejuvenates your lawn with slow and gentle feeding for ultimately, a thick, green turf grass. It is safe to use throughout all seasons.

Jonathan Green Natural Beauty Organic Fertilizer: All organic lawn fertilizer provides excellent nutrition for 8-10 weeks. Restores lawn soil life and helps other applications work better.

Jonathan Green MagiCal: Create an ideal pH for your soil. The calcium re-energizes your lawn, increasing microbial activity, boosts lawn color, reduces stress, improves soil texture and aids in water uptake. Apply in spring.

What fertilizer will give me plump and juicy tomatoes?
Tomato Maker: Supplemented with iron, magnesium and calcium to avoid blossom end rot. Contains natural nutrients: blood, cottonseed, fish and feather meal.

Espoma Tomato Tone: All-natural plant food is fortified with calcium; Bio-tone for stronger roots to make larger plants; and slow-release feeding that won’t burn your plants. (3-4-6)

What fertilizer is good for vegetables and flowers?
Pasquesi-Flower and Vegetables: Easy to apply! A controlled-release plant food in granule form. One application lasts 3+ months.

Jack’s Petunia Feed: A micro-nutrient blend for iron-hungry plants such as Petunias, Calibrachoa (Super Bells), Rhododendrons, Salvia, Snapdragons and Vinca. A great fertilizer for plants in hanging baskets.

Pasquesi Bloom Booster: At planting, mix the recommended dose of granules into your potting soil. This easy application and one-time fertilizing will bring you lots of blooming power! (10-52-10)

Espoma Liquid Fertilizer: Pre-measured, easy-pour liquid fertilizer for bigger, blooming plants in the vegetable or flower garden. It is enhanced for organic gardening with kelp extracts, humic acids and beneficial microbes.

Espoma fertilizers: Safe and organic fertilizers for slow and gentle feeding. Formulated for many types of plants: Plant-Tone, Holly-Tone, Tomato-Tone, Rose-Tone, Bulb-Tone, Citrus-Tone, Bone Meal, Blood Meal and more. Available in 4 lb. & 18 lb. bags.


What about fertilizing trees?
Jobe’s Fertilizer Spikes: Feed your evergreens with these ‘easy-to-use’ fertilizer spikes. The spikes send nutrients directly to the roots all season long… without run-off.