DIY Pumpkin Projects

Light Bright Pumpkin

Pumpkin deco ideas for all ages...

Here are a few more reasons to love pumpkins! Pumpkins and gourds have been around for over 5,000 years serving as food and also as naturally colorful fall decorations. We also look to them for inspiration when making creative DIY Halloween projects. Here are two new design ideas for Halloween this year.


This is a super easy ‘No Carve’ project for adults with younger children or older kids since a hot glue gun is used.

'CANDY CORN' Pumpkin

Supplies used on this pumpkin:

  1. One small pie pumpkin (smooth skin) with a sturdy stem.*
  2. Classic Candy Corn (Large 32 oz. mega bag of Candy Corn pieces will cover a small pie pumpkin)
  3. Hot glue gun and 2-3 glue sticks
  4. Plastic or newspaper to protect surfaces.

How To:

  1. Wash pumpkin with part bleach solution.
  2. Cover working space with plastic or paper.
  3. Set aside Candy Corn pieces that look the best. Some will be ‘throw aways’ (or can be eaten)!
  4. Heat up glue gun for about 10 minutes before starting project.
  5. Put a dab of hot glue onto the bottom of one candy corn piece and then quickly place onto the pumpkin*
    Tip: Make it easy by starting at the top and continuing around the stem. Repeat the ‘glue and place’ as above.
  6. Glue remaining candy corn around the pumpkin in a circular coarse… or until you’re satisfied with your design. Tip: If a candy corn piece falls off, simply remove the cooled hot glue and then add a new dot of hot glue.. and position on pumpkin.

Tip: It helps to place the pumpkin on something (turn over a bowl) that elevates it so you can reach the bottom of the pumpkin and finish the gluing process. *To move the finished pumpkin, pick it up up by its sturdy stem. 


'LIGHT BRIGHT POLKA-DOT' Pumpkin                                              

This pumpkin project is recommended for adults or older children. With younger kids, adult supervision is needed since a drill and knives are used.


  1. Any size white or gray pumpkin with smooth skin.
  2. Plastic sheet to cover the working surface.
  3. Knife and spoon
  4. Drill with two different size drill bits

How To:

  1. Wash pumpkin rind with part bleach or soapy detergent solution.
  2. Cover working space with plastic or paper.
  3. Place pumpkin on its side and carefully cut a square into the bottom of the pumpkin… big enough to remove pumpkin seeds and juicy guts with a spoon-- but small enough so the hole isn't visible when pumpkin is displayed right side up. Candle or flameless candles or votives can be placed in this area.
  4. Next, clean out the pumpkin guts and scrape out until smooth inside.
  5. Next, you will be drilling the holes in the pumpkin. Sketch out a design, first, if you want to do your own design. If you are happy with the look of this pumpkin, start by drilling larger holes in two rows around the middle of the pumpkin. Then add smaller holes above and below the larger holes. Don’t worry, it will look great no matter how you place the holes… once you light it up at night.

Tip: When finished, it helps to place the pumpkin on a plate. First, place the flameless candles on the middle of the plate and then lower the pumpkin over the votive candles. By including a plate, it makes it easier to carry the jack o-lantern outside. Or, the plate will protect surfaces indoors.


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