DIY Woodland Wreath

DIY Woodland Wreath materials

A project for all ages...

The holiday season is always a busy time, but it's important to take time to create something new. This project shows off the rich colors, texture and symmetry found in nature. It's easy to adapt these instructions to any size wreath, types of pinecones, moss, or add berries or other materials. Each finished wreath will be uniquely beautiful!


1  grapevine wreath
1  package of sheet moss
-  Small, medium and large-sized pinecones (snow-dusted pinecones will stand out & smaller cones will fill in the gaps.
-  Red berries (optional)
-  Glue gun and extra glue sticks
-  Wire or ribbon loop for hanging on back of wreath

Get Started...
- Cover the work area with sheet of plastic or fabric.
- Arrange and distribute the larger pinecones visually around center of wreath.
- Develop a pattern by placing smaller cones next to larger ones. Hot glue each when you're satisfied with the spacing.
- When finished with the pinecone design, add small amounts of sheet moss for color and texture.
- Keep the finished wreath flat overnight to allow the hot glue to harden.
- For hanging, tie a loop of wire or ribbon securely to the back of wreath.
- Add red berries if you would like a more Christmas-y wreath.
- Hang from a removable hook and you're ready to admire your new Woodland Wreath!


Happy holidays!