Faux is All Right with Me

Decorating with artificial accents

Love the real thing or go with the faux!

Greet friends and family with a holiday fanfare of greens, reds and gold… with wreaths embellished with winter accents of holly berries, and garlands that lace up staircases and fireplace mantels. Although, nature always creates the most beautiful materials, high quality artificial evergreens and botanical accents can come surprisingly close to the real thing. I love the real thing but I can also go with the faux. Artificial decorations such as winterberry stems, silk poinsettias, metallic freeze-proof ornaments, luminescent pearl beads or feathered, red cardinals can all add sparkle to snow covered branches or dark green evergreens. Welcome your creative side by adding your favorite faux accents to fresh or artificial evergreen wreaths, garland or trees and fill your home with ‘nature’s’ abundance. And, it doesn’t hurt to add that fresh-cut fragrance of a Frasier Fir candle to make sure your holidays are merry and bright. 


Winterberry stems: Multiple stems of red winterberries always brighten up fresh-cut evergreens in outdoor containers, wreaths, garland or placed generously in vases. This deciduous holly is unique from evergreen varieties because this shrub drops its golden foliage in autumn to reveal red berries along slender, woody stems. Nothing lends a brighter note to your arrangements than winterberries. Go faux and they will always look beautiful and you'll encounter no dried berries to step on, either! Birds love the real winterberries so you might want to include a the real thing for them outside. Birds such as Eastern Bluebirds and American Robins, will be happy to find the berries on chilly days. Cedar Waxwings and woodpeckers find winterberries tasty, too.


American Holly: Holly always says ‘holidays’! This iconic, evergreen shrub/tree boasts glossy, deep green leaves and brilliant, red berries. Real holly leaves can be tender in our cold climate. High quality, artificial holly leaves and berries will continue to look bright and beautiful for many seasons to come.


Poinsettias: Add drama to your holiday containers by using a single color in one type of pot. Fill containers with an abundance of branches of bright-red winterberries or go faux with only red poinsettias. Poinsettias are native to southern Mexico and don’t do well outdoors in our cold winters. However, the artificial poinsettia bracts (leaves) can add a pop of holiday red to outdoor winter containers & garland.


Frosty Cabbages: These artificial flowering cabbage rosettes are dusted with ‘snow’ and make an interesting option when added to wreaths or tucked into Christmas trees.  They are created with long stems and which make it easy to tuck into real or faux evergreens. Turn ordinary into fabulous with no maintenance!


Pearls: Glam up your holidays this year with generous stems or strings of artificial pearls with thin, gold wiring. These shimmering, faux beads turn holiday decorating for Christmas or New Year’s Eve into an elegant affair.


The Mistletoe Tradition: According to Norse mythology, mistletoe is a sign of love. The ancient Druids used it to ward off evil spirits and to bring good luck to their households. Later, hanging mistletoe became a custom in England at Christmas time—where couples would exchange a holiday kiss. The plant’s oval, evergreen leaves and waxy-white berries make an interesting addition to your New Year’s parties, too. However, living mistletoe is difficult to keep in stock and it can be toxic to pets. Artificial mistletoe always looks ‘fresh’ and you don’t have to worry about curious children and pets!