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Bowling's Last Stand

Bowling's Last Stand...

Before trimming the tree...

Start the holidays with a good tree stand! Avoid disaster by choosing a strong and sturdy tree stand. We love the ‘Bowlings Last Stand’ tree stand. They are constructed from a heavy gauge welded steel that won’t crack or split. Your tree will stay fresh longer because the bowl holds more water than most tree stands so your tree won't dry out. The powder coat finish resists corrosion and add to its durability. Available in many sizes. Look for them in our covered greenhouse along with our nice selection of fresh Fraser Fir trees. If you buy a quality tree stand, it will last through many holiday seasons.


After you have purchased the ‘perfect’ tree for your home, here are a few suggestions to insure that the tree will remain healthy and beautiful throughout the holiday season.

- Make sure it has a fresh cut to allow it to absorb plenty of water. If you wait more than an hour, the sap will dry over the cut end of the trunk and make it difficult for the tree to absorb water. TIP: If you can’t get your tree into water within an hour of a fresh cut, put the tree in a bucket of boiling water for five minutes. This will break up the sap and allow for more water uptake.

- Put tree into a stable, tree stand that is appropriate for the size and weight of your tree. Water it. Allow the tree to sit for a day—allowing time for the branches to fall. The branches will loosen up and the tree will look fuller. Check the water everyday and add to it, when needed. Never let the tree dry out.

Finally, you’re ready to decorate! This is the perfect time to get the whole family involved. Bring out the hot chocolate or egg nog and you’ll create a tradition that everyone will cherish and remember.