In Stores Now!

Embrace the holidays—a season of light and joy... sparkling Christmas trees, fragrant fresh greens, classic and playful hand-selected ornaments and all sort of decorations to make your house a merry ho-ho-home.

Christmas Trees – In stores now!
We offer only the freshest classic conifer, the Fraser Fir, in sizes that range from 2’ to 11’. This perfectly shaped, live tree is ready to display new ornaments, as well as your old family favorites.
Our Fraser Fir trees are carefully shipped in from North Carolina in mid-November. Our outdoor greenhouse sparkles with holiday lights and offers customers a pleasant shopping experience—without the wind and snow. The trees are suspended from above—allowing a 360 degree inspection. Pasquesi’s makes sure its customers will go home with a beautiful tree that will be perfect for your space.

1. Your tree is given a fresh cut so that the tree will be able to absorb as much water as possible. Make sure to put the tree in water within an hour for best results.

2. The tree is netted to keep the branches intact which makes it easier to transport and move it into your home.

3. We tie your tree to the roof of your car to make sure you’ll have a safe trip home.

Wreaths – In stores now!
Wreaths are available in a wide range of sizes up to 60-inches in diameter. Wreaths define the winter season with fragrant boughs of cedar, blue-green Noble Fir, boxwood and other beautiful materials such as brilliant winterberries, metallic or natural pine cones, and other nature-inspired materials.

Garland – In stores now!
Garland is offered in 25 and 50 feet lengths or it can be cut into custom sizes by the foot. All are handcrafted from freshly cut boughs of Cedar, Douglas Fir or a Deluxe Mix of Noble Fir, Juniper and Cedar for outdoor use.

Spruce Tip Pots - In stores now!
The Spruce Tip Pot has become a winter container ‘classic’ at Pasquesi’s over the years. It is designed from a careful arrangement of young spruce tips, harvested in the Northwoods, and placed together into varying pot sizes—from one to three gallon sizes.

Ornaments – In stores now!
Our holiday-themed trees are lovingly decorated with fresh new ideas for 2015 along with our traditional favorites. Each collection is designed to create unique decorations for every taste.  An assortment of high quality, hand-selected ornaments from Europe and around the globe decorate our uniquely, ‘themed‘ Christmas trees for 2015. Click here for more details:

 Artificial Wreaths & Garland – In stores now!
We will offer a fine selection of indoor and outdoor, artificial wreaths—ranging from simple pine boughs to a variety of mixed, faux evergreens—dotted with snow-covered pine cones, golden fruits, faux winterberries and many other nature-inspired additions. Click here for more details:

Tabletop & Holiday Décor – In stores now!
Bring Christmas cheer into the dining room with hand-picked, coordinating tableware: linens, napkins, playful Santa mugs and fragrant candles. Assorted tabletop trees of varying heights create simple and stunning centerpieces. Pair traditional decorations with whimsical or contemporary items to make your own unique holiday statement. Gingerbread houses—decorated with candies and outlined with piped icing—or hand pulled candy canes make very tasty decorations, too.