How to Recycle your Christmas Tree

Recycle Christmas tree

Tips on repurposing your tree.

1. For the birds: Remove ornaments and lights. Set up outside on deck, patio, porch or garden bed. You can keep tree in stand or place it in a large planter. Re-decorate with orange or apple halves, suet cakes, small bird feeders, popcorn and cranberry garland or spread pinecones with peanut butter.

2. Recycle your tree through community programs. Usually, pickup dates or drop off places are offered soon after the holidays. Many towns use the mulch for parks, gardens, schools or offer it to gardeners in spring.

3. Use branches as mulch for your own garden bed. Cut off the branches at the trunk and spread them in the perennial garden to provide insulation to minimize the freeze and thaw cycle.

4. Add evergreens to outdoor containers. Cut off the fresher and greener branches and arrange in outdoor containers to add a bit of color throughout the winter months.