Wicked Wonders of the Plant World

Wicked Plants

Vicious vegetation stars in movies & books for Halloween.

The Garden of Earthly Delights isn't always a friendly place... read on, if you dare!


Wicked Plants: The Weed That Killed Lincoln's Mother and Other Botanical Atrocities by Amy Stewart. The author takes on over 200 of Mother Nature's most sinister plant creations and the havoc they reap. Complete with creepy, pen and ink illustrations... a perfect trick and treat, a true crime read for plant nerds and nature lovers alike.


The Botany of Desire by Michael Pollan. The author enlightens readers about how certain plants (apples, tulips, marijuana and potatoes) have evolved together with humans as a way to satisfy the desires of both... who has domesticated whom?


Little Shop of Horrors (1986): The plant is the star of this movie! Audrey, the man-eating plant seems to get her nutrition from human blood. Watch out for those hybrids!


Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956, remake 1978): Plant-like aliens arrive in a California town and use alien pods to replace slumbering humans. These new 'pod people' that are devoid of all human emotion are classic, botanical sci-fi!


Children of the Corn (1984): This American horror thriller, based on a short story by Stephen King, is about a young couple who is trapped in a rural town. They are terrorized by a cult of children who believe that everyone over 18 must be extinguished in order to ensure a successful corn harvest. Sweet.


What’s the buzz? The sound of summer. Filling your garden with flowering plants that bees like is the perfect way to a part of the cycle of nature. Bees are hardworking insects—pollinating our crops and flowers for us and feeding themselves and their community at the same time. And, don’t forget the honey—one of nature’s simplest pleasures.