An Island Vacation...

Staycation drinks

How to design the perfect staycation...

If you want to stick close to home this summer, it can't hurt to create your own little tropical island. Here's what you'll need...

- Island Cocktails: Stonewall Kitchen has a lineup of drink mixers that will make you dream of palm trees, sandy beaches and gentle waves. Choose from sweet and salty Margaritas, Blueberry Lemon Mint or Lemon Drop drink mixers. Don't forget to order the mini cocktail umbrellas and cherries!

- Set a Casual Table: Stock up on unbreakable plates and Govino acrylic glasses that won't chip or shatter in the unpredictable outdoors.

- Patio Umbrellas: Imagine a beach that is dotted with colorful umbrellas...Canvas patio umbrellas are a good way to create your own private beach. If you already have a pool, you have it made! Tuck a few Lafuma Lounge chairs under your umbrella to complete the scene.

- Tropical Scents: Close your eyes... and you'll be transported to your favorite vacation spot with Michel Design Works 'Beach' or 'Palm Breeze' scented candles. hand soaps and lotions.

- Palm Trees: Create your own tropical island with small, medium or large palms from our greenhouses. Relax to the whispering sound of palm trees or include a few tropical fruit trees such as banana, lemon, orange or lime trees... you can smell the citrus already!

- Beach towels: Wrap yourself in generous & soft Spartina beach towels... Colorful summer patterns in 100% cotton.