Autumn NEST Fragrances

Get in the mood for fall!

Pumpkin Melody 

NEST Autumn Plum... Savor the season with notes of wild plum & cinnamon wrapped in
the warmth of patchouli leaf... capture the sweet, woody aroma of freshly fallen autumn
leaves. The handmade, all-natural candles are 100% soy wax, a renewable resource that's
nontoxic, biodegradable with a clean burn.


Fall Symphony

NEST Pumpkin Chai... Wild pumpkin and spicy masala chai are combined with cardamom,
ginger, and cinnamon to create the coziness you crave. NEST fragrances candles are made
with a premium, soft, cosmetic-grade wax for a better burn.


 Oatmeal Honey

NEST Crystallized Ginger & Vanilla... The candles capture the rich aromas reminiscent
of the holiday season with an irresistible fragrance featuring notes of crystallized ginger,
cinnamon, and vanilla bean. Presented in a glass vessel etched with elegant, frosted stripes
that will complement any decor.