Fall baking...

SK cinnamon buns

with Stonewall Kitchen's Mixes.

Mmm... Fill your kitchen with the scent of home baking. Stonewall Kitchen Mixes make an easy option for weekend morning breakfasts.

Pancake & Waffle Mix: The malted flour not only makes Stonewall Kitchen's pancakes light and fluffy, it creates a rich vanilla aroma and a flavor that's simply delicious. Top pancakes with Maine Maple Syrup or sweet jam and your day will be complete!

Chocolate Doughnuts: Whip up delicious chocolate doughnuts at home with a few pantry ingredients. The best part is these can be baked with less fat--instead of fried. Frost them with the included chocolate frosting mix and enjoy! Makes 10-12 doughnuts.

Blueberry Scones: It's easy to whip up some instant satisfaction with this delicious Blueberry Scone Mix. They cook up fluffy, buttery tasting and blueberry filled. It's a great way to bring a morning smile to friends and family. Spread a little Wild Maine Blueberry Jam on top! Makes 8 scones.

Cinnamon Bun Mix: The aroma of Cinnamon Buns baking in the oven will fill your autumn kitchen with the warm, homey scent of sweetness and spices. You can be certain that everyone wakes up on time! Makes 6 buns.