Halloween Hauntings

Invite the spirit of Halloween into your home... if you dare.


Grinning gourds

Wicked Beverages: Set up a bewitching bar with decanters of blood-red wine and 'POISON'...
garnish with 'EYE of NEWT'. 


Witchy woman 

All in the Family: This green-eyed lady is sure to put a spell on your favorite 'Trick or Treaters'.



Boo & More!: Grinning, ceramic jack-o-lanterns, ghosts and puffy pillows make perfect
additions to the Halloween-friendly home!


Halloween towels

Same Bat Time? Here's a cool way to send out the bat signal for your upcoming Monster Bash.
Purple/green neon bats glow eerily... just about anywhere. Battery-powered.


And more... 

Terra Cotta Pumpkin Lanterns: Orange or white smiling pumpkins and ceramic ghosts
with added votives or flameless candles will add flickering light inside or outdoors.

Party On!: Celebrate fall with festive table settings or customize a Halloween party with
frighteningly fun paper goods from Caspari. 

Door Mats: Welcome autumn and trick-or-treaters with durable coir doormats.
Scare up some seasonal fun!