Living with Plants

Houseplants play a welcome role in creating a healthy, indoor home. Potted plants also
provide a lively atmosphere that can transform your space into your favorite place to be.

plant decor island 

Plant Groupings: Create a focus in your room with groupings of similar plants and containers. 
Choose a selection of plants that require the same light; look for contrasting textures
of foliage. Keep container colors neutral or in one color to avoid a cluttered appearance.


plant decor kitchen

Flowering Plants: It's nice to have an interesting plant to enjoy up close. This delicate Gardenia becomes the
focal point of this space. If you choose a plant with characteristics such as flowers and fragrance, you'll enjoy
its heavenly scent when you work at the sink. Pick a plant that thrives with the amount of light available in your
specific space.


 plant decor living area

Height and Texture: The Dracaena (left) tree offers height and the thin, grassy leaves provide texture against
smooth items such as hardwood floors, shiny metal and neutral walls. The tropical Monstera plant (back right) adds
personality to the small living room with its wavy leaves filled with holes, giving it the nickname, the "Swiss Cheese Plant".


plant decor herbs

Herb Garden: If you have a sunny window sill and a small watering can, you can equip your kitchen with fresh herbs.
Neutral containers show off the different greens and textures of each individual herb... choose herbs that can coexist
within the same sunlight, such as Italian parsley, rosemary, basil varieties, oregano and thyme. The fragrance
is an extra!