Living with Plants Indoors

Houseplants play a welcome role in creating a healthy, indoor home. Potted plants also
provide a lively atmosphere that can transform your room into a beautiful, green oasis. 

Plant deco1 

Plant Groupings (left): Create a focus in your room with groupings of similar items. 
Choose a selection of plants that require the same light; look for contrasting textures
of foliage. Keep container colors neutral or in one color to avoid a cluttered appearance.
Warm it up! (right): The large, glossy leaves of this Fiddle-leaf Fig really warm up this
neutral gray, Scandi-inspired décor. Create a playful balance with three elements: sofa,
painting and healthy plant.


Plant deco 2

Texture (left): This delicate tree is the focal point of this space. Plants and basket
containers add wonderful textures to a neutral-based décor. Choose a plant that thrives
with the amount of light available in that specific room.
Bold Shapes (right): The Snake Plant or Mother-in-Law's Tongue (Sansevieria) adds
a strong and architectural shape to any room design. The vertical leaves provide textural
shape and green colors against smooth items such as leather furniture, hardwood floors
and neutral walls. This low maintenance plant tolerates low, medium and bright light.
It's an easy plant to grow in any room of your home or office.


Areca Palm

Areca Palm: This tall, bamboo-like palm adds softness and warmth to this living space. The Areca palm
thrives in bright, indirect light. If you are looking for a graceful, short-lived palm for indoor growth, this palm
is a popular and relatively inexpensive option.


succulent terrarium

Succulent Terrarium: If you have bright light, this open terrarium with different types of low maintenance
succulents is the perfect way to incorporate a few plants into your home or office.. Make sure you layer the
container with well-draining, succulent potting mix, pebbles and charcoal at the bottom.


Pancake Plant

Pilea peperomiodes, Chinese Money or Pancake Plant: This perky plant is frequently featured in
Scandinavian interiors where its bright green, pancake-shaped leaves provide an adorable and welcome burst
of color against white walls. Water it sparingly and offer it bright light. This plant is hard-to-find, so grab it when
you see it!

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