Plants in the Home

Bring plants into every room in the house! They can add texture, color and warmth, as well as cleaning the air inside your home.

Kitchen topiaries

In the Kitchen: If you have a light and bright kitchen, many types of plants will thrive there. Herbs are a 'natural'
and pretty easy to grow in a bright location. Topiary plant forms are also a tidy option as they will add some vertical elements. 


Zen office 

Zen Home Office - Need a place to concentrate as well as to be creative? Plants add a sculptural element to your decor and warm up hard surfaces such as desks, electronic equipment and task lighting. Ferns could be your go-to plant for low light rooms.


Bathroom Light

Bathrooms - Bathrooms usually have more humidity than other rooms in the house. Look for plants such as the Fiddle-leaf Fig (pictured) that thrive with extra humidity and bright, filtered light. A tall tree with a soft shape such as this Ficus, adds scale and offers contrast to a room with many hard surfaces.


Bedroom Plants

Bedrooms - Sharing your bedroom with a plant or two is a good idea, especially low maintenance plants such as a Snake Plant. They clean the air of toxic elements and won't demand much watering... and even low light isn't a problem.

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