Stonewall Kitchen Bloody Mary Mixers

Stonewall Kitchen Bloody Mary Mix

Mild or spicy?

Warm up your taste buds for Sunday brunch...

Bloody Mary Mixers: Pour a correctly balanced Bloody Mary every time with Stonewall Kitchen's mixers. Simply pour over ice, add your spirit of choice, garnish and enjoy!

• Classic Bloody Mary Mixer: This is the traditional Bloody Mary that is served at brunches and enjoyed worldwide... a truly tasty and 'good for you' cocktail... with or without spirits!

• Peppadew Sriracha Bloody Mary Mixer: Add some sizzle to your day with the zesty zing of Peppadew peppers.

• Cucumber Dill Bloody Mary Mixer: With the garden-fresh taste of cucumbers and a bit of dill this Bloody Mary tastes 'fresh from the garden'.


Garnishes: Stonewall Kitchen's Tillen Farms knows which ingredients pair well with a Bloody Mary. 
More is MORE with these tasty additions.

• Blue Cheese Olives
• Pickled Baby Cucumbers
• Pickled Crunchy Carrots
• Pickled Dilly Beans