Summer Fun!

Bling 2O swimming goggles

Head outdoors with the best toys...


Bling2O Swimming Goggles: The world's most original swim goggles! Goggles come in many shapes and are decorated with plenty of bling, colorful decorations & lots more… Drop by and see what's hot! (pictured)

Waboba Hyper Bouncing Balls: Hit the pavement or bounce, skip or float on water at the beach, pool or lake. Look for Octzilla or Moon Balls in flashy colors that are hard to lose… A small step for Waboba, a giant bounce for mankind! Voted top Toy for Outdoor Play. Ages 5-11.

Ollyball: Designed for full-speed, full-force, indoor or outdoor play. The ball weighs less than an ounce and absorbs shock with patented KrunchCOR construction! Make it your own by drawing on the exterior. Video here…

400 Voyager RC Sailboat: The PlaySTEAM Voyager 400 2.4G Sailboat is a model sailboat that allows for the fun of sailing on a more manageable scale. Use the included transmitter to control and sail along the water by controlling the sail angle and the water rudder. The Voyager sailboat comes ready for action with no assembly required. Includes a LI-Po battery and charger. 

Uncle Bubble! Imagine making huge bubbles bigger than your entire body, or blowing bubbles inside other bubbles! Uncle Bubble, 32 oz. concentrate.


Enjoy summer fun indoors on rainy days or traveling in the car…

Coloring, drawing, journaling & more… Keep a good assortment of colored pens and crafting materials on hand… fun for all ages.

-- Look for OOLY Glitter Gel Pens, scented ‘Tutti Frutti’ pens, ‘Magic Puffy’ pens, ‘O My Ombre!’ mechanical pencils, ‘Bright Writers’ ink ballpoint pens & lots more.

-- DIY books: Scratch & Scribble, Color-In Book, Book of Crafts, Collage-making, graph paper, black paper sketch books & more. 

Smart Games: 1 Player Puzzle Games

  1. Smart Farmer: Keep all of the animals apart! Ages 5+
  2. IQ Candy: Don’t eat the pieces… Ages 7+
  3. Ghost Hunters: Catch the ghosts in the light! Ages 5+
  4. Jumpin’: Help the rabbits jump and hide! Ages 7+
  5. Penguins Pool Party: Fit the ice around the penguin! Ages 6+

Tenzi: Winner of Best Toys!

  • Super-fast to learn and play with 10 dice.
  • Perfect for whole family.
  • Dozens of ways to play. Ages 7+

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty: This high-quality, silicone-based putty is safe, nontoxic and will never dry out. Putty options include magnetic, glow in the dark, heat sensitive, metallic sparkle and more…We carry Milky Way, Northern Lights, Strange Attractor, Super Lava and many others weird and wonderful concoctions. Not recommended for children under 3 years.