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Abacus VR Kits

Abacus Virtual Reality Kits: Abacus Brands wins Toy of the Year for the Bill Nye VR Science Kit, making it the #1 STEAM educational toy in the world!

• VR Science Kit (above): Explore science with Bill Nye "The Science Guy" in this interactive science kit for kids, complete with over 30 hands-on experiments! This kit includes an 80 page interactive book with step-by-step lessons in augmented reality, as pictures in the book turn into videos! Then, place your smart device into the included VR goggles and teleport to Bill's lab, in virtual reality! This 50 piece set includes materials to build a lava lamp, compass, rockets and more! Fly over volcanoes, dive into a crystal cave, ride a hot air balloon and more while discovering the wonders of science!

Dino Dig VR: Meet Dinosaurs Face to Face in Virtual Reality!

Combine these VR goggles with your smartphone to encounter prehistoric dinosaurs in virtual reality! Discover gigantic beasts like T-Rex, Triceratops and Raptors up-close and personally with this fully immersive, 360 degree experience. After spending time in the prehistoric virtual world, engage in a hands-on real activity by excavating T-Rex Fossils from the included plastic dig kit. Ages 8+.

• Shark Lab VR: Swim with the sharks!

...from the reef shark to the massive great white, in immersive virtual reality. This ultimate learning experience features your very own Megalodon dig-out fossil.
12 piece activity set: 10" Megalodon Fossil, VR Goggles, Dig-our Rock, Digging Tools & 40-page book. Ages 8 - 98


Tonies toys

• Jellycat toys & books: What a sweet combination... The Playful Polar Bears book by Lizzie Walkley and a super-cuddly polar bear cub. Share special time reading with your child this holiday season. Look for more Jellycat books and stuffed animals. Age 2+


Storytime Toys Book 

• Candylab Toys: These heirloom wood toys are elegant, durable, and simple... giving children and adults a chance to create their own stories around these objects. Loved by children and collectors alike!


Plus plus Sets

• Plus-Plus Building Sets & Blocks:  An award-winning, creative construction toy will create hours of play. It's the perfect toy to stimulate fine motor skills, creativity, focus and patience! Ages 3-15 years.


Super Impulse trolls

• SmartGames (pictured) Cats & Boxes: Move the puzzle pieces one by one until all cats are in a cardboard box. A puzzle game for kids and adults in a compact format, purrrrfect to take with you! SmartGames is the worldwide leader in multi-level logic games. The award winning games have multi-level challenges from the very easy to the very difficult.