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Mamma Mia!

Italiana vera...

Because being Italian is a culture, a way of life, it is the desire to tell the simplicity of a tradition made up of good things, of taste and, above all, of fantasy. fantasy to eat Italian... italiana vera. 

For the sauces and tomatoes, only the best fresh Italian raw materials are selected. 

Mamma Mia: Natural, ready-made sauce with fresh eggplants. A tomato sauce with fresh eggplants, cut and processed by hand, EVO oil and a touch of freshly harvested basil... a classic Italian recipe of Sicilian origin that is suitable for dishes such as baked pasta, lasagne, baked penne with provola or even simple macaroni dishes.

Marinara: Natural ready-made sauce with wild oregano. made from the best tomatoes from Campania. The wild oregano gives the sauce a strong and decisive taste. Ideal sauce for pizza, with pasta or seasoning meat.

Aulive e Chiappariell: Natural, ready-made sauce with black olives and capers from Pantellieria. It's a natural tomato sauce made with the best black olives and capers. It is a typical recipe with Neapolitan tradition know as Puttanesca, meaning olives and capers. The aromatic scent is combined with the sauce to add a unique flavor to a traditional recipe.

La Fabbrica della Pasta

Authentic. Artisan. Tradition..

Pasta has been produced in Gragnano for over 500 years. Making pasta is an art... a unique mix of history, culture and tradition. 

Using only two ingredients: High quality durum semolina and water from the Natural Spring in Gragnano's Mountains. These ingredients were then processed through a bronze die which gives the pasta a more textured surface, and then the pasta was dried in the town's streets, under the sun. Today, after many generations, La Fabbrica della Pasta follows exactly the same traditional methods.

Available in spaghetti, cavatappi, le farfalle and other pasta shapes.

Bunny Baskets

Hopping down the bunny trail... 

These cute, canvas bunny bags can hold plenty of goodies for Easter! And after Easter, they might turn into book bags, crafting bags & more.