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Planting Seeds for Fall Gardens

Fall gardens start in summer!

Now is the perfect time to start preparing for and sowing the crops to harvest this fall. It takes a little planning, but it's worth it!

1. Know your average frost date. Lake County's first frost date is October 4. 

2. Check the number of days to maturity and add 14 days. The 14-day buffer gives your crop more time to mature as daylight dwindles and temperatures cool, which can slow growth. Adding time is less important for 'greens', which can be harvested at any stage of growth.

3. Using the number in step 2, count back from your average first frost date to find the date you should sow your seeds.

EXAMPLE: Botanical Interests' 'Market Express' turnips take up to 40 days to mature: 40 + 14 = 54. If your average first frost date is October 4, counting back 54 days means you will want to sow the second week of August to ensure a harvest before a freeze.

Look for quality seeds from Botanical Interests, Renee's Garden, Lake Valley and more.

Fall Anemones

Add fall-blooming anemones to your garden alongside mums and asters.

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