Our growers and expert staff combine forces to make sure our plants are healthy and strong, handling them with care from the moment their seeds are planted until they leave our store to find a home in your house or garden.

What's In!

Some of our favorites...

The first Mums are here!!! (pictured)... and purple and white asters, ornamental peppers, flowering cabbage and kale.


Cool season vegetable plants: 'Early Red Acre' cabbage, 'City Lights' chard, 'Amazing' cauliflower, 'Jade Cross' brussel sprouts, 'Arcadia' broccoli and more.


Bee Balm or Monarda: Bring on the hummingbirds, bees and butterflies! Look for perky, Bee Balm plants such as 'Balmy Pink', 'Balmy Purple', 'Bee-You. Bee-Merry',  


Specialty Trees and Shrubs: Check out our wide selection of unique conifers in many beautiful textures and shades of green... just outside of the main greenhouse.


Millennium Ornamental Onion: Compact plants with glossy, strappy leaves produce violet, globe-shaped 2″ flowers in mid- to late-summer. Well-behaved in the garden and ignored by deer and rabbits. Attracts butterflies and other pollinators all season long. Matures to 18" tall in a full sun to mostly sunny spot. Pretty winter interest when flowers are left to dry on plant.


Look for the tables inside and outside the greenhouse that are filled with coneflowers in a rainbow of colors. 


We have native plants too... Black eyed Susans, Wild Spotted Geranium, Cinnamon ferns, Prairie Dropseed grasses, Butterfly Weed, Nodding Wild Onion, Canadian Wild Ginger, Sneezeweed, Echinacea pupurea, Culver Root and more.


Rudbeckia ‘Little Goldstar’ (Rudbeckia fulgida) It's a knock-out bloomer with golden daisy-like flowers that adds months of color to the garden. Flowers float above dark green foliage on sturdy stems... forming dense clumps. This low-growing variety of the beloved native wildflower blooms prolifically... just the right size for containers and front of borders.


Hydrangeas and more hydrangeas! Look for a nice selection of 'paniculatas' or woody-stemmed hydrangeas such as Limelight, Little Lime, Tardiva, Quick Fire, Little Quick Fire, Pinky Winky, Little Lamb, Bobo and also 'Big Leaf' varieties such as Fuchsia Glow, Tuff Stuff, Endless Summer's The Original, BlushingBride, BloomStruck and more.  Also, Hydrangea arborescens Annabelle, Incrediball and Invincibelle Spirit II.  And, Oakleaf Hydrangea 'Alice.'


Succulent containers: Large echeveria, aeonium, sedum and more are grouped in ready-to-go containers. 


Large tropical and desert plants make instant 'wow' containers in a tapestry of textures.


Hanging Baskets: Refresh your patio or porch with large, full-flowering, Dragon Wing Begonias in pink and red, ferns and  more.


An assortment of perennial and annual grasses: Small and large container sizes


Fresh Annuals: Red Fountain grass, Dragon Wing begonias, impatiens, fuchsia, moss roses, cuphea, zinnias, gomphrena, annual milkweed, coleus (many colors and patterns)


Perennials: Shade lovers: Cool Hostas, Huechera (Coral Bells), large-leafed Ligularia, ferns, astilbe and more. 


Shrubs: Hydrangeas, butterfly bush, barberry, deutzia, chokeberry, alpine currant and a large selection of evergreens such as boxwood, Alberta spruce, arborvitae, yews and many evergreen topiary forms. 

Step Inside of Pasquesi

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Orchid Options

Orchids are always an elegant choice.


The flowers are long lasting, colorful and exotic. Although their flowers are beautiful as they are, the addition of succulents or ferns in different textures will add interesting contrast to the flat, paddle-like leaves of the Phalaenopsis. It's an easy way to customize an orchid arrangement.


Caring for your orchid

Grow beautiful orchids by providing indirect light, proper fertilizer, humidity and moisture.

Orchids are tropical plants and, therefore prefer lots of water, humidity and warm temperatures. If your home is not very humid, misting the leaves and keeping the soil moist, but not soggy, will help the orchid to thrive. Grouping orchids in with other house plants will also increase humidity. Proper light is also essential: too much will cause leaves to yellow and wilt; too little will prevent blooms from appearing. Place the orchid near a sunny window so that it gets plenty of indirect light and warmth.

You can fertilize with orchid-specific plant food and follow the package directions, which will give the orchid the proper balance of the major nutrients to keep it healthy and growing. A basic plant food can also be used, in smaller quantities than you would for other plants. Generally speaking, fertilize orchids once a month for optimum growth and flowering.

It is important to repot orchids from time to time, for continued growth and bloom. To repot, gently remove the entire plant from its former home, carefully removing any dead root material that may be present. Place the orchid in a pot just one size larger than its previous one; a large, new pot would be a difficult adjustment. Orchid potting mix is mostly bark so be sure to fill in the new pot with the proper mix, pressing firmly on the top to secure the roots.

The main attraction with orchids is their delicate, lovely blooms. The number one concern is how to get more flowers, for a longer time. Light plays a vital role in getting orchids to bloom. Strong, indirect light is needed. If a window is not sufficient, an overhead grow-light is a great option. Remove dead flowers, as they fade, and cut the dead stalk back to just a few inches above the base of the stalk, when the plant has dried up and yellowed. It will come back, even stronger, the next year. Cooler night temperatures (45-55°) will aid in flowering. However, that may be a little cold for most homes. Keeping the orchid near the window will cool it, if the night is chilly.


With a little knowledge and careful attention, anyone can grow beautiful orchids in the home. Orchids just need what we all need: water, food and a little TLC!

'Houseplants with Benefits' Seminar

Horticulturalist, Lisa Hilgenberg, will host a FREE seminar on indoor plants.

On Saturday, September 7,  Lisa will host a free seminar on the benefits that houseplants can offer. Learn more about low maintenance plants that boost your mood, reduce stress and simply, make us happy. Lisa will offer tips on transitioning plants from outdoor to inside in autumn, the general care of flowers and foliage and how plants can contribute to a beautiful indoor environment.

This seminar runs from 11 a.m. until noon, followed by a Q & A from noon to 1:00 p.m. Bring your questions. and get answers from an expert.  


WHEN: Saturday, September 7

Pasquesi's Lake Bluff store from 11 am - Noon, followed by Q & A from Noon - 1 pm.