Our growers and expert staff combine forces to make sure our plants are healthy and strong, handling them with care from the moment their seeds are planted until they leave our store to find a home in your house or garden.

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Bring nature indoors with lush foliage and flowering plants in all shapes, textures and fragrances.
Whether you like plants for their decorative qualities or simply love to nurture them, our greenhouse is a fantastic place to find all varieties from jungle sizes to miniatures. Choose from the best plant selection on the North Shore! 

Plants make very good roommates. They are extremely quiet and provide excellent health benefits by filtering toxins out of the indoor air. Look for the plants that fit your particular lighting conditions at https://www.pasquesi.com/indoor-plants/notes-from-indoor-plants-seminar

Our sales associates will help you find the best plants for your indoor space.


Easy-care Indoor Plants

Beautiful houseplants add style and infuse living color into your home or office. The plants below were selected for their 'good looks' as well as their low maintenance qualities. 


Birds Nest Fern

Bird's Nest Fern: Bird's Nest Fern (Asplenium nidus) is a relatively easy care plant with an upright, clumping form and large, wide fronds. It thrives in filtered or indirect light... an east- or north-facing window is perfect. Water your plant as necessary to keep the potting mix evenly moist but not soggy.


Parlor Palm 

Parlor Palm: The Parlor Palm (Chamaedorea elegans) is an elegant house plant. Although the palm family is a large one, only a few make good house plants... and this is one of them. The Parlor Palm adapts beautifully to the average indoor conditions. It tolerates dry indoor air (although it appreciates a bit of humidity with an occasional misting) and thrives in a range of low to moderately bright light locations.


Pancake Plant

Chinese Money Plant, Pancake Plant (Pilea Peperomiodes): (Chinese Money Plant, Pancake Plant): This photo-friendly succulent is in big demand for its looks as well as its low maintenance qualities. Pancake Plants love lots of bright, cheerful, indirect light on their glossy, pancake-like leaves. But, no direct light that will burn the leaves. Allow soil to dry out between watering. Tip: Water deeply when the leaves start to droop a bit.


Zebra Plant

Zebra Plant (Haworthia):  This dainty succulent is small enough to plant in a teacup! It thrives in sunny or bright spots but will adapt to partial sun. Water minimally when soil is dry. The Zebra Plant needs a pot with good drainage so its roots don't rot. It's a slow grower making it is a perfect plant for an office desk or windowsill. The Zebra Plant is named for its white-striped leaves... just one of the many varieties of Haworthiopsis.


Echeveria Lola 

Echeveria 'Lola': Echeveria and other non-hardy succulents always look amazing in outdoor planters or inside the home. Look for a full sun or partially sunny spot.  As with most succulents, keep water to a minimum. They don't like to be kept too wet, but they also don't like to be kept too dry. 'Lola' is the queen of Echeverias with its 'rosebud' shape. The leaves resemble white marble with a delicate blush of pinkish violet and tipped with rose. If you're lucky, you'll be surprised with coral-yellow flowers in spring.


Peacock Plant

Calathea ('Peacock Plant, Zebra Plant', Rattlesnake Plant): The beautifully patterned leaves steal the show! To keep her looking her best, place Calathea in a warm area without direct sun. Water lightly as needed to keep the potting soil evenly moist, and never allow the leaves to wilt. Tip: Don't water to the point of sogginess. To keep plant in tip-top shape, feed it monthly during the growing season with a diluted solution of a balanced, water-soluble houseplant fertilizer.


And more... 

Staghorn Fern: The other-worldly, tropical Staghorn fern has broad antler-shaped leaves and are adaptable to home conditions.  It is easy to grow if you provide bright, indirect light, moderate moisture and cooler temperatures.

Tillandsia: The air plant could be the easiest plant to grow indoors! If your home atmosphere is not too dry, occasional misting will be enough. Otherwise, an occasional bath will make these xeric plants very happy. They also prefer bright, filtered light. Since no soil is necessary,  you can put them just about anywhere or in any type of container. 

Succulents: Succulents include a large variety of hardy, low maintenance plants that store moisture in their leaves and don't require much water to thrive. In fact, overwatering is the main cause of their demise. Indoors, most succulents prefer full sun or bright light to look their best. If you aren't home much, these are the plants for you!

Peperomia 'Ripple Ruby': This easy-care, succulent-like plant has heavily ribbed foliage and red stems. Grow Peperomia in a medium or bright spot to keep them happy. However, they can tolerate low light. Water when the soil feels dry to the touch. Many varieties of this small houseplant can effectively hold water in their fleshy stems and leaves during times of drought, so they can hold their own if you forget to water or go on vacation.


"Study nature. Love nature. Stay close to nature. It will never fail you."  -Frank Lloyd Wright