Our growers and expert staff combine forces to make sure our plants are healthy and strong, handling them with care from the moment their seeds are planted until they leave our store to find a home in your house or garden.

Indoor Plant Sale

Plant Sale runs from January 9 through February 9.

25% off on all green and blooming indoor plants...
20% off on all indoor containers...

Bring the outdoors inside with indoor plants in all shapes, textures and fragrances.
Whether you like plants for their decorative qualities or simply love to nurture them, our indoor greenhouse is a fantastic place to find all kinds of greenery and flowers. We have the perfect plants for your home or office... in jungle sizes to mini plants for mini pots.

Also, plants make good companions. They work hard to provide health benefits by filtering the indoor air, as well as being mood elevators.

Please come by for a cup of coffee and a walk through our well-stocked, indoor greenhouse... the BEST plants on the North Shore!

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