Our growers and expert staff combine forces to make sure our plants are healthy and strong, handling them with care from the moment their seeds are planted until they leave our store to find a home in your house or garden.

Care of Orchids

Grow beautiful orchids by providing indirect light, proper fertilizer & humidity.


'Topiary' is the gentle art of clipping shrubs or trees into ornamental shapes.

Christmas Cactus

Melinda Myers offers advice for the care of this low maintenance plant.

Indoor Hydrangeas

Always beautiful...


Indoor Hydrangeas are loved for their abundant blossoms. The rounded flower clusters bloom in shades of blue, purple, pink or white. The snow-white blossoms will give any room a sense of elegance any time of the year. The snow-white flowers are easy to combine with orchids or vining green plants such as ivy or pothos.The flowers last for weeks and complement the lush, dark green foliage.

Growing Tips: Hydrangeas love their water so keep the soil evenly moist—but not soggy. Provide at least four hours of bright, indirect light every day. This is an easy, flowering plant for most indoor home environments.