Our growers and expert staff combine forces to make sure our plants are healthy and strong, handling them with care from the moment their seeds are planted until they leave our store to find a home in your house or garden.


Spring Flowers

Looking forward to spring!



Nemesia: Look for fragrant flowers in a rainbow of colors... a must-have annual for window boxes and containers. Nemesia prefers cooler weather, so you can enjoy its flowers in the early spring or fall when heat-lovers are not in bloom yet.


pink tulips 

Spring flowering bulbs: For indoor blooms, the most common flowering bulbs are tulips, crocus, hyacinths, grape hyacinth and mini-daffodils. Nothing says 'spring is coming' more than seeing these flowers at Pasquesi's. Pot them up in casual containers such as terra cotta, vintage tin pots or wood crates for a country casual look. Or, elevate their status to glass, ceramic or pedestal urns. Mix them up or enjoy a single color... flowering bulbs look good in anything!



Ranunculus (Persian buttercup): The voluptuous blossoms are loved for their multiple layers of delicate, crepe paper-thin petals that look like a fragile rose or peony flower. This elegant flower is often included in wedding bouquets, used as a long-lasting, cut flower in vases and cherished in the first outdoor containers in spring.



Pansies: Pansies are usually the first and favorite flowers for our outdoor containers in spring! Blossoms give a cheerful appearance with friendly 'faces' that bloom in many colors and bi-colors including: yellow, orange, magenta, wine, purple, violet, white and our ever-popular 'blue' pansies. They are long-lasting plants but blossom most profusely when the temperatures stay in the cooler 'spring' range.