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Pets are always welcome at Pasquesi, and dogs especially enjoy our Bone Bar! We carry everything to entertain, feed and house all the animals in and around your home.

Pasquesi Bone Bar

Treat them right! Don't forget to pick up a cute & tasty treat for your pup at the Pasquesi Bone Bar. Our buffet-style bar is stocked with frosted 'cookies' in different shapes and flavors... made from all-natural ingredients.  Doesn't your four-legged friend deserve something special today? 


Squirrel-busting Bird Feeders

Tired of constantly re-filling your bird feeders? The Brome Squirrel Buster Bird Feeders are very effective against red and gray squirrels. The opening in the bottom section aligns with the seed ports to provide birds access to seed. The seed ports close when heavier birds or squirrels attempt to use it. This feeder really keeps squirrels out, but leaves them unharmed!


On Sale
April 18 - May 31


Squirrel Buster Plus
Sale $79.99, reg. $99.99

Squirrel Buster Classic
Sale $49.99, reg. $59.99

Squirrel Buster Standard
Sale $29.99. reg. $39.99


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