Melinda's Low Maintenance Plant: Pothos

Low Maintenance Plant:Pothos

Melinda Myers offers advice for the care of this old time favorite.

Add some greenery to your indoor décor and improve the air quality with minimal effort on your part. The pothos has long been prized for its beauty and easy care nature. Plus newer varieties give this old time favorite a fresh look.

Hang a basket of pothos from the ceiling or wall for a bit of eye level green relief. Or, brighten a table with a decorative pot of these low light beauties. Fill a corner or create a nice backdrop for other plants by going vertical and training these vines up a decorative support.

Grow pothos in bright indirect light for the best color. They will tolerate lower light but the gold, yellow or white leaf markings may fade. Don't let that stop you from brightening a dark corner. Buy several and place one in a brighter location and the other one in the low light spot. Switch the plants about every two weeks. You'll have two healthy and beautiful plants to enjoy.

You won't need to exert much effort to keep these plants looking their best. Overwatering is the most common cause of death. So water plants thoroughly when the top few inches of soil are starting to dry. Pour off any excess water that collects in the saucer. Or eliminate this step by placing pebbles in the saucer to elevate the plants above the excess water. As the water evaporates it increases the humidity around the plant.

Fertilize plants once every few months between March and November if you want to speed up growth. Keep in mind, plants growing in low light conditions need less fertilizer than those growing in a sunny window.

Encourage fuller more compact growth by pruning off overly long stems. Prune just above a healthy leaf for a neater appearance. Start new plants by rooting these cuttings in moist potting mix. Or grow the cuttings in a vase of water. Just add fresh water as needed.

Enjoy the beauty and cleaner air your pothos provides. NASA research found that pothos was one of the best indoor plants for removing indoor pollutants released from things like carpets, furniture, building materials and cleaners.

And keep them out of reach of curious children and pets that like to nibble on plants. Consuming these easy care plants can cause vomiting and nausea. So hang plants high or set them on an upper shelf or tall bookcase. You'll enjoy the added greenery and keep both the curious and the plants safe.

Pothos At a Glance

Name: Pothos, Golden pothos, Devil's ivy (Epipremnum aureum)

Size: Trailing, 6-10 feet or more, prune to control size as desired 

Light: Low light (variegated leaves may fade) to bright indirect light

Water: Water thoroughly when top few inches of soil are dry

Soil: Quality potting mix

Fertilize: Once every few  months for faster growth between March and November


Written by, gardening expert, Melinda Myers.  Each month Melinda will feature a low maintenance plant perfect for beginning and experienced gardeners looking for attractive easy care plants.  Melinda Myers is a nationally recognized gardening expert with more than 30 years of horticulture experience.  She is a wealth of knowledge and we are pleased to share Melinda’s Low Maintenance Plant of the Month with you!