Bulb Planting Tools

Bulb tools

Quality tools make it so easy!

If you would like to plant a few bulbs or thousands, you'll find a tool that is perfect for the job. 

1. Bulb Auger Drill Bit for Power Drills: Bulb auger drill bits are a great choice to minimize digging work and take advantage of a cordless drill you may already have around your home. Augers with a long shaft can help minimize bending and twisting for easier use. Lastly, planting augers are also perfect for bedding plants and small seedlings.

2. Bulb Planting Trowels: Bulb planting trowels are perfect for transplanting bulbs in the spring and fall, and can also be used to transplant seedlings in the springtime. 

3. Cylindrical & Conical Bulb Planters: The short-handled versions work surprisingly well and take up very little space, while the long-handled versions are better for accessibility (no working on your knees or bending) and for high-volume jobs. Most models are sized generously enough to remove a soil plug big enough for larger bulbs like tulips and daffodils.

4. Bulb Dibbers (not shown)

  • Shaft of tool is engraved with depth measurements.
  • Push blade into soil and swirl it around to the size needed.
  • Ideal for planting bulbs, seeds, and seedlings.
  • Strong, yet lightweight.