Keep your fireplace or fire pit stocked for the fall and winter seasons.

Firewood Information

Delivery charge for firewood depends on customer's zip code. Please call the service desk. 


We offer two different options for firewood.

• Hardwood - A combination of oak and maple... both burn slowly and steadily.

• Oak - A hardwood that produces a slow burn with lots of heat. Burns clean. 


We offer several different options when purchasing firewood.

1. Rack (same as trunk load... fits normal size trunk)- approximately 40 whole logs.

2. Half face cord- (measure 4 ft. x 4 ft.)

3. Full face cord- (measures 4 ft. x 8 ft.)

4. Individual logs- We usually sell birch logs only during the holidays. 

5. Bundle in green Pasquesi bag- Approximately 8-9 pieces