Jonathan Green Fall Lawncare

JG Fall Lawncare

Tips for a healthy and beautiful lawn...

When you keep your lawn and soil in harmony, the natural balance will be restored, and this will protect your lawn against most insects, weeds, turf diseases, and improve the heat and cold tolerance of your grass.

• Broadleaf weeds are still actively growing in the autumn, so this is a great time to use Jonathan Green's Lawn Weed Control. It provides weed control for over 200 lawn weeds including dandelion, clover, chickweed, purslane, plantain, oxalis, etc. This straight weed control doesn't contain any fertilizer, so there is no possibility of overfeeding or burning the grass.

• If you have a newly seeded lawn, use Green-Up Fertilizer for Seeding and Sodding. It will help new seeds sprout quickly and develop deep, dense roots for a thicker, fuller lawn.

• From early September through late-November, fertilize your lawn with Winter Survival Fall Lawn Food. The high potassium formula helps promote deep rooting and contains nitrogen to help repair summer damage. If you spread Winter Survival early in the fall, apply it again in the first week of November to safeguard the lawn through the winter and enjoy greener grass early next spring.

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