Jonathan Green's New American Lawn Program

Jonathan Green Lawn Care

What to apply in summer months...

• Jonathan Green products are made to Feed Your Soil.

• July-August is time to apply Mag-I-Cal Plus to adjust soil pH, loosen hard soil and activate the soil microbial life.

• If you are using the Jonathan Green New American Lawn Organic Program, summer is the time to apply the Organic Lawn Food to slowly and steadily feed your lawn.


Jonathan Green Organic Weed Preventer
Jonathan Green's granular formulation of corn gluten stops weeds before they sprout plus an organic fertilizer that quickly greens up lawns.


Jonathan Green Organic Lawn Food
Helps to rejuvenate your lawn with slow, gentle feeding that promotes a healthy and thick, dark-green turf over time. The 'no phosphorous' formula is good for lake and bay communities.


Jonathan Green Black Beauty Ultra Grass Seed
A genetically superior grass seed with roots that can grow up to 4 ft. deep.


Jonathan Green Love Your Soil
A natural soil food that stops soil compaction and creates top rich top soil.


Jonathan Green Mag-I-Cal
An organic soil fertilizer that adjusts soil pH. Available for acidic soils.


Jonathan Green Mag-I-Cal Plus
An organic soil fertilizer that also loosens hard soil for acidic soil and rapidly adjusts soil pH for alkaline soils.