Seminar with Gardening Expert, Melinda Myers

Coming Soon...Gardening Expert, Melinda Myers

Coming Saturday, September 14 to our Lake Bluff location.

Melinda Myers, nationally known gardening expert and author will be hosting a FREE seminar titled “How to Prune Your Favorite Shrubs".

Learn the basics on how and when to prune shrubs. 'Pruning paranoia' is common among gardeners, but once you understand the basics you will make better pruning decisions in less time and with much less stress. We will focus on pruning a variety of shrubs commonly found in the landscape. Melinda will also share information on which shrubs to prune and when.


WHEN: Saturday, September 14

WHERE: Lake Bluff Store

TIME: 11am - Noon
*Followed by Q & A from Noon - 1pm

Bring your pruners, knives or garden tools that need sharpening! The Knife Sharpeners will be here on Sat., Sept. 14 from 11 am - 2 pm.