Tick Test

Cutter Tick Kit

It's important to get tested for Lyme disease, as soon as possible.

The Cutter Lyme Disease Tick Test provides a quick, inexpensive and 99.9% accurate DNA test result.

Victims (humans or pets) of tick bites should get a correct diagnosis of the presence of Lyme disease, as soon as possible. If infected, doctors or vets can quickly begin treatment.


How it works:

1. Remove tick with the easy-to-use tick removal tool. Put in specimen bag.

2. Fill out submission form. Apply label to this form and one to specimen bag. Mail in envelope.

3. Tick will be evaluated and results reported to you via email, phone, fax or USPS (your choice) within 3 business days. Please contact physician or vet with results for any subsequent treatment.*

* Regardless of test results, if you or your pet are experiencing any symptoms, consult your doctor or veterinarian.