Tomato, veg, flower combos

Vegetables and flowers make good companions...

Here are a a few DIY ideas for veggie, herb and colorful flower combinations that will taste fantastic and look beautiful. Whether planted in your favorite containers or grown in garden beds, these plant pairings work better together to produce healthy and larger crops of edibles for that fresh 'taste of summer'. All plants below thrive in full sun and grow best with consistent watering. 


Idea #1: A Sunny Combo with Tomatoes, Basil & Marigolds 

'Beefsteak': Big and juicy! A real slicing tomato for sandwiches or burgers. Harvest 70-85 days.

'Better Boy':The fruit has a classic tomato flavor with just the right balance of acid and sugar. This is an excellent slicing tomato, too. Harvest 80-90 days. 

'Big Beef': A large tomato with that 'old time' flavor! Fruit keeps coming from summer to frost on disease-resistant plants. This variety sets fruit early-- even in cool, wet weather. Harvest: 73 days. 

'Celebrity': Classic tomatoes are prized for their flavor and large size. It grows to a 3-4 ft. but continues to produce fruit all season. Harvest: 65 days. 

'Early Girl': The first tomato of the season! Use this one to jump-start your tomato harvest. Each plants can produce up to 100 tomatoes before frost. Harvest: 59 days. 

'La Roma: These tomatoes have a meaty flavor that intensifies when cooked. Use in sauces or chili. Freezes well. Harvest: 76 days. 

'Super Sweet 100': Sweet as its name! Long-branched clusters of tomatoes that are high in Vitamin C. Eat these snack-sized gems right off the vine. Small size is great in juicers. Harvest: 65 days.

'Sun Sugar': These little tomatoes are orange at their peak of flavor. They are bite-sized and sweet with a rich, tomato flavor. Each healthy plant could produce hundreds of little tomatoes during a season. Harvest: 75 days. 

'Yellow Pear': A very popular, yellow heirloom tomato that dates back to the 1800s. It produces small, pear-shaped tomatoes that are sweet and mild. Harvest: 75 days. 

Add... Basil: Sweet Genovese, Dolce Fresca, Lemon and Red Rubin basils are just a few of the flavors and scents that are natural companions for tomato plants. The small, white flowers of the basil will attract bees to the tomato flowers. Pollinating yellow, tomato flowers will mean more tomatoes, too.

Add... Marigolds: Choose from cheerful colors in bright yellow, orange or two-toned... available in many heights and sizes. Marigolds love full sun like tomato plants. The flowers have a scent that keeps harmful insects away from tomato plants. 


Idea #2: A Sunny Combo with Peppers, Chives & Zinnias

Pepper plants require full sun to produce the largest and healthiest peppers. Make sure your soil is well-draining and rich in organic matter. They grow well in raised beds, containers and in-ground gardens.

Bell Peppers: Bells are the sweetest peppers.. The rich, green leaves and a compact form make it perfect for containers. Bell peppers even work well in most formal gardens with their tidy shape and brightly colored fruits in green, yellow, orange and red... becoming sweeter as the color changes to red. Add peppers to omelets, chili, tomato sauces for a sweet flavor or salads for a crunch without the heat! Look for our favorites, California Wonder and Lady Bell Red peppers, in our greenhouse.

Hot Peppers: Jalapenos love the sun, too! Pick them when they are firm and bright green or you can leave them on the plant until they turn red. Choose your favorite level of spice.

Add... Chives: This perennial herb has grass-like leaves with a light, onion-y taste. The edible, purple flowers also attract bees early in the season while the onion fragrance keeps pests away. Snip leaves or flowers and use in summer salads, on baked potatoes or in almost any dish that calls for onions.

Add... Zinnias: Daisy-like flowers in bright colors are low maintenance summer-blooming annuals! The single-stemmed flowers are perfect for cutting or as nectar for butterflies. Wait to plant until temps are consistently warm... same as peppers and tomatoes. Look for zinnias in varying heights, flower sizes and and in a rainbow of colors. Zinnias add a pop of color to this pepper and chive combination in pots or garden beds. Look for Dreamland Mix & Profusion Series in our greenhouse.