What Soil Should I Use In My Garden?

What Soil Should I Use In My Garden?

Find a list of all our soils and what is best to use in your garden.

What soil should I use in my containers?

Pasquesi Potting Mix: Our premium and time-tested blend for indoor or outdoor plants contains 50-60% peat moss, composted pine bark, horticulture grade perlite and dolomite lime—perfect for drainage and deep root growth.

Baccto Premium Potting Soil: A general, all-purpose potting soil for indoor or outdoor plants. It contains a blend of peat, perlite, sand and starter and slow-release fertilizers.
Use for… window boxes, containers, houseplants and beds.

What if I want an organic potting mix?

Black Gold Potting Mix: A certified organic, all-purpose mix with Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, bark, compost as well as perlite and pumice for good drainage. It contains natural fertilizers such as earthworm castings and mycorrhizae to nourish plant root systems.
Use for… flower, herb containers and raised beds.

Black Gold Waterhold Cocoblend Potting Soil: An all-organic, potting soil that retains water with added ingredients for good growth and drainage.
Use for flower, vegetable and herb containers.


What soil should I use in my vegetable garden?

Top Soil: A blend of organic materials plus peat moss offers a good balance of nutrients.
Use for lawn seeding, filling and leveling holes and as a soil base in garden beds.

Baccto Veggie Mix: Organic blend of horticultural and sphagnum peat, limestone and natural organic fertilizer.
Use for growing vegetables in indoor or outdoor containers.

Black Gold Garden Soil: This soil is an organic blend that is regionally formulated with bark, peat moss, compost and specific elements that will enrich your garden soil. It also provides essential organic matter and feeds plants for up to 6 months.
Use for vegetable and flower gardens, planting shrubs and trees.

Black Gold Garden Compost: Organic, all-natural compost offers a rich blend of peat moss and aged compost to help soil retain moisture as well as providing good drainage.
Use for vegetable and flower gardens, shrubs and trees.