Azalea 'Karen'

Azalea Karen

...a beautiful, spring-flowering shrub


Azalea 'Karen' is a hardy and reliable evergreen shrub with multi-season interest. Look for rich lavender-pink flowers in April to May and brilliant, burgundy foliage in autumn. It is a spectacular shrub when planted in groupings and is also an excellent foundation shrub in the woodland or urban garden in our zone 5.

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Light: Part sun to part shade. Azaleas prefer filtered sunlight.

Water: Azaleas thrive with consistently moist soil. Water weekly or more in dry weather.

Soil: Best grown in acidic, organically rich and well-draining soil.

Flowers: Trumpet-shaped, lavender-pink blooms (up to two inches in diameter) cover the shrub in April - May.

Size: 3-4 feet tall and wide

Garden uses: Beautiful in woodland or urban garden settings. Use as a specimen or single plant in containers; plant in mixed borders, foundation plantings or use as a hedge.

Attracts: Hummingbirds and butterflies

Zones: 5-8 

Tip: Avoid excessive pruning. It's best to choose azalea shrubs that mature to no more than six inches beneath a window sill.


FYI... Azaleas are rhododendrons but not all rhododendrons are azaleas. The basic difference is that most azalea flowers container five, pollen-bearing stamens, while rhododendrons have 10 or more stamens per bloom.