Bergs Potter

Bergs Potter

From the Earth to Your Windowsill

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If your plants could speak, they would tell you there's nothing better than a quality clay pot. Proper drainage gives their roots room to breathe and superior clay retains the moisture plants need.

The natural strength of 'Bergs Potter' handmade pots will allow for use inside and out. Their durability is created from high temperature firings and a subtle silicone treatment... which means they are also completely waterproof.

Pots are created unglazed and glazed. The historical green or gold glazes are saturated with intense color, accentuating the nuances between the design elements. Each pot is made and/or glazed the old fashioned way... individually and by hand. ('The Castle' design is pictured.)


Handmade with love since 1942...

Bergs Potter's pots are created in Tuscany and sold in Scandinavia, Finland, Germany, France, Great Britain and the U.S. Great pride is shown in their beauty and strength of the high quality materials. The pots' patinas improve with age and live on from one generation to the next.