Potting Mixes

Potting up indoor plants

for Indoor Plants...

Every gardener knows the importance of providing good soil for their plants. But it is especially crucial when it comes to the health of your  indoor plants. Since container plants rely on a limited amount of soil for all of their nutrition and healthy growth, it's best to use a soil mix that is especially created for each type of indoor plant. Happy plants. Happy gardener!

Pasquesi Premium Potting Mix: A blend of 55-65% Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, composted pine bark, perlite, dolomite lime and a wetting agent. An excellent, general potting mix for most indoor and outdoor plants.

BlackGold Natural & Organic Potting Mix: Contains: Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, composted or aged bark, compost, earthworm castings, horticultural grade perlite, pumice, organic grade fertilizer. OMRI certified organic for indoor or outdoor plants

BlackGold African Violet Potting Mix: A good potting mix for houseplants and indoor containers featuring medium drainage and water retention.

BlackGold Cactus Potting Mix: Contains: Bark, compost, earthworm castings, horticultural grade perlite and pumice or cinders. A good blend with excellent drainage for cacti and succulents. 

BlackGold Orchid Potting Mix: Contains Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, Bark, Horticultural Grade Perlite, Pumice, or Cinders, Dolomite Lime. This orchid blend contains large particles of bark & pumice to promote the excellent drainage that orchids need.