Caring for Pansies

pansy containers

Growing tips

They love it on the cool side and can even take a little snow.
It's time to start planning & planting your outdoor containers!


Growing Tips

  • As pansies are cool season plants, plant in full sun in cooler gardens and part-shade in warmer ones. 

  • When choosing pansies, look for stockier plants with dark green leaves as they make healthier plants.

  • Choose plants with many buds but few flowers in bloom.

  • Prepare soil with manure, leaf mold or compost with soil for optimum growing and drainage. Pansies do best in fertile, organic rich and cool soil.

  • Add mulch to preserve moisture and water deeply. The mulch also keeps the soil temperature more even.

  • Add fertilizer, (granular or time release) when preparing soil before planting to keep pansies healthy and promote maximum growth. Or, use a water-based fertilizer according to package directions.

  • Deadheading spent blooms is one of the keys to a long-blooming season. This won’t allow the plant to set seeds so more energy is directed to the existing flowers.

  • Since the blossoms are edible, add their beautiful petals for flavor and color in salads or desserts.