Citrus plants


Grow your own lemons and limes...

Welcome a winter day with fragrant citrus blossoms and tropical fruits. Have a south facing window with good airflow? You're ready! 

We have a selection of lemon, lime (pictured) and Calamondin plants ("The Other Lime") in various stages of blooming and fruiting.

Citrus trees have enjoyed a boost in popularity in the U.S. recently. In our area, lemon and lime trees can thrive outdoors in the summer, but must be brought indoors for the colder months. Grow citrus trees. It's the fun way to get your Vitamin C!


Easy Care Tips

Name: Citrus trees 

Light: Plenty of sunshine

Water: Consistent watering, but not too much. Citrus plants will drop their leaves, if left dry for too long. 

Temperature: Keep warm. They won't tolerate temperatures colder than 50 degrees.